The Section 16H Group is not affiliated with the New York Giants or MetLife Stadium

How it all started


Before the Meadowlands was remodeled our annual Tailgate would be held in parking lot Section 16H Group. In 1998 twelve people stood around a barbeque in 16H and ate Dave Bernstein’s famous lamb chops, drank beer, played cards and threw around a football. It was there that we decided that we would start inviting people and make it grow. In 2006 it became a legitimate party and 2007 it was a charity event for the first time. The “Tailgate With A Cause” institution was born!

Each year we designate a primary beneficiary to which we direct the vast majority of our available financial resources and then we support a multitude of secondary causes.  It is the mission of the Section 16H Group to bring people together in an effort to change lives and raise awareness in a positive and uplifting environment.  It is our hope that we can see a tangible benefit from our efforts and the generosity of our attendees. Therefore we gravitate to causes that are impacting the life of someone close to us.

The members of the Section 16H group do not draw salaries or take any financial gain from our events or the charity in any way.  The Section 16H Group is a public charity (501 (c) 3) and will provide the necessary documentation for tax deductions on charitable gifts.